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four years old
the killdeer is dead.
my little girl cried for a week.
she cried for that noisy little
feather-devil, that god-forsaken
that warmed-fleshed thing that
kept me up all night with it's
i loathed it's dependancy on me.
"i need food"
"i need water"
"i need love"
"mommy, make it stop"
                                          (just shut up,
                                                     shut up,
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The Bits and Pieces.
i remember when i
could breathe him in and
he was smoke,
sweetly choking off my lungs;
not the rusting nails i feel now.
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Dear Boy, Dear Girl
dear boy,
don't you know your eyes are sparking unnatural disasters that are wrecking the temples of sand i spent so much time on? i intended to sleep tonight, but the storm of you is beating the sea-glass windows and blowing out all the candles i had lit. you're breaking down my dirt walls and flooding the floors with the salt water and ash from your veins. you're invading when i'm already exhausted. and how could i possibly rest with when you're bringing my heart to a screaming stop?
Dear girl,
Must I apologize for what I have done? I forced my unforgiving reckoning through, and cast your walls asunder. I relentlessly beat down upon you, until you came crumbling down. I promise, the calm will come. But will you make it through? I watched from afar and I witnessed the fall of a nation. The winds of mine own have yet to falter, and the ocean is hungry. Girl. I am sorry. When my force relinquishes your heart, maybe then you can learn there is life outside of sandy walls, and star-fish o
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The Condition.
They call it water on the brain,
                   But I think I'm just
:iconpirateoforange:pirateoforange 1 0
someone laced the oceans
the horses are silent,
and i'm covering my eyes just to
hide the oceans. i want to get away
from these guilt-coverd cliffs. i'm
sick of the cloudy days and salt-
stiffened air. sea-weed has found
my pale ankles and the sand has
found it's way under my eyelids.
is this punishment or fate? i don't
want this; the storms raging,
provoking the waters. sea-stars leaving
sores where they leached to my skin.
i can't take the absence of the sun
any longer and i'm drowning is this
disease. i want to find your face
again, feel your wind-blown hair in
in my fingers. i wish you'd craddle
me in your hollow bone arms, whisper
too-short poems in my ear, and let your
dry lips wander where they may. i want
your skin against mine, tangled in cotton
sheets; not salt water choking me off and
the darkness taking me like they took you.
away from me. they never found your body.
they never found the evidence; i swallowed
it whole. i choked my whole heart down, so
they wouldn't see; so they would be blinded,
:iconpirateoforange:pirateoforange 4 4
Mother, Meet Daughter
I saw it again.
                           That breathing,
                             smoldering mass.
It's struggled and crawled around
on my cracked wooden floor, but couldn't
get a grip, and for a hair-splitting moment,
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Mature content
I'm not sick :iconpirateoforange:pirateoforange 2 9
Sometimes, I crave.
Someone bring me down,
from this unappealing high.
I can't breathe,
I can only bend to snap.
I'm beating fists raw,
and screaming into catastrophe.
These words aren't mine.
They're meant to for blind whispers
between classes and I can see,
but holy hell, I can't feel.
:iconpirateoforange:pirateoforange 2 2
I'm The Only Thing Killing Me
I'm in this "home"
with my big black coat on,
                                        but I can't help but shiver.
Oh, how I'd love to decipher
what you wrote late at night,
but I'm afraid I just don't have
the energy.
I could argue, I could spit facts
and hurtful things in your direction,
but what good would that do? When you're
the logical one and I'm only coughing up reasons to 'non-exist'.
I keep waiting for you to
slip through my frosted
window and suffocate the
very idea of death out of me.
But you never come, you
never place a soft, warm hand
over my mouth and kill the one thing
that is out to get me...
:iconpirateoforange:pirateoforange 2 0
New Flame. by pirateoforange New Flame. :iconpirateoforange:pirateoforange 0 2
beating confessions to death
Somebody scream of the struggles already,
because my throat has closed off with the taste
of him. i'm sipping cold coffee and catching your
darker-than-life-but-not-quite-hell eyes just to
                  fight off the feeling.  
{he's laying on top of me because he just assumed i enjoyed the weight. his hands are fluttering on my bare ribs and fiddling with my zipper, but he's too caught up in the liplock to see that my eyes are
screaming stop Stop sTopstOp  st  o !P. i didn't want this but the idea of him walking out that door weighed almost as much as he did.}
get out of my mind,
i don't want your
god forbidden lips
that are brushing her
neck now. i wanted
blonde hair and blue
eyed imperfection but
you tied the end of the
stitches in my lips to
your fingers and hate
every second of you
:iconpirateoforange:pirateoforange 3 2
canals could be arteries
i'm done with the frost gripping the trees
and seeing evidence of oxygen in the air.
i want our summer skin again. i want the days
to be endless and to worry about nothing but
bikini top meets skinny jeans meets swimming
in the canals. i want holding your hands and
sprinting through empty playgrounds and for
once feeling like there's nothing but us. you
got lost and sun-burnt, but i'll still take you
ugly-duckling diving off bridges. i want my
hair wet and plastered to my temples with
makeup smearing and you still looking at me
like i'm two plus two equals misplaced
kisses and clumsy eyes and you could never
want anything less or more. i'm done with
idaho winters, and i'm dreaming in technicolor
of you and me and how we melted hearts under
bridges and pressed promises into summer weeds.
:iconpirateoforange:pirateoforange 6 6
this love has a sound
baby, let's take a step back and look at
the catastrophes we voiced through the
radio waves. we rusted the skeletons of
skyscrapers and heated the pacific to the
boiling point. we're holding hands and
gripping love letters in our teeth only to
show that even though we're bleeding out
the ears and are bruised as hell, we still look
like symphonies slipping through the 'missing
persons' files burning in the station.  we're
beauty in melting guitar string into our forarms
and breathing hate versus love lyrics down our
backs. and we can't be silent when they're holding
us back by the wrists, so we'll scream incosistances
and throw dirty fists and burn this city to the ground
until our chorus is reverberating off their windows and
shattering everything they ever thought was 'safe' and 'well',
             because darling, we're everything but.
:iconpirateoforange:pirateoforange 5 7
the mathmatics of 'us'
i need more time to try to
measure the exact angle
from which you love me.
so forgive me for prying.
i hate the mathmatics;
the numbers never fit
and made music for me.
they only offer frustration.
now, i'm piecing together theorems
and equations trying to explain to
myself just what make your eyes
outline my horizions every morning.
i haven't eaten or slept
in days because it seems
no amount of research and
calculations can explain this.
    so i'm proving our lips 2+2,
     subtracting all the lies,
   dividing the insecurites,
and multiplying the butterflies.
your heart's meeting mine
at a ninety-degee angle and
never-have-i-ever wanted
something so complicated.
for the first time, i'm opening the
text books and making logic; it's
about time i lay down the figures
and measurements and build
:iconpirateoforange:pirateoforange 5 13
can i get a definition?
i wish i could write something smooth,
something anchored to explain that this isn't
your fault, but my own insecurites that are shining
through our love like a spotlight looking for fugitives.
forgive me for this.
it's somewhere along the lines
of sprinting down a hill
and not being able to catch
my own god damned feet.
it's spinning out of control and
crashing in the snow and bleeding
red all over the white because it's
one step forward, two steps back.
i'm counting the days until you see that my january eyes
are liars and this sculpted smile is only pretty because
of $2,000 braces. my face is nothing but practiced perfection
and all the scars are in the last place you'd think to look.
you're loving the idea of loving me when all that's in my head
is past loved, dark haired, freckles-and-hate-and-devil-may-care
destruction. when my mind revolves, he is the sun that won't
burn out, even when i'm screaming and throwing fists against the walls.
this isn't a confession, but a fact.
i'm c
:iconpirateoforange:pirateoforange 12 20
these words are mediocre
good morning violent eyes,
today i'm sickened by your disguise.
i'm twisting and bending the pen to the page,
lately, i can't seem to crawl out of my cage,
because when there's so much unsaid,
i doubt i'll ever get out of bed.
:iconpirateoforange:pirateoforange 5 2

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